Well that made my day! 

I posted this picture I took of Seasick Steve at Live from Times Square on Instagram on Sunday evening. Then yesterday a professional photographer left a message saying that he had got a very similar shot and it was his favourite from all seven gigs that he’d attended.

I could have left it there but I responded with a message pointing out how I had left my Nikon at home and instantly regretted it and that all my photos had been taken using my mobile phone from the audience.

He was gobsmacked and asked what phone I’d used and said they were “class pictures” given that they were taken on a mobile!

I told him it was a Google Pixel but obviously I was going to take the credit rather than the phone.

He then replied that he’d used five thousand pounds worth of equipment and I’d got the same shot with my mobile – he said he was retiring!

As I said – made my day!

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