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He’s Back!

Lissi with snail stuck to her face

Brain the snail is back less than a week after going back to school! The cold weather that shut most of the schools in the country last week meant he was stranded there for a couple of days so he has come back to us to look after in the warm until the deep freeze is over!

He’s just been sitting on my hand while I’ve been typing this and I’ve been stroking him! Lissi is over the moon about his return but we knew that!

Stay and Play

Today was stay and play day at Ben’s school. I’d been in last week when they were making Christmas decorations but that didn’t stop Ben giving me the grand tour once again. Last week he proudly showed me a picture on the board which he had drawn and written his name on, but then he had looked slightly crest fallen as he added “But I forgot to draw the arms”

Today he didn’t know what he wanted to do and he ended up showing me exactly the same things as he had last week – here’s where we put our book bags, here’s my peg etc etc. Eventually his teacher suggested he do this board thing where you make patterns with thread by pushing it into holes on the board. His first attempt was a Pelicans beak! I made a car, a train, a bus and a birthday cake (although doing the candles was a bit tricky!

Then he decided he wanted to draw a picture so he got a piece of paper and a pencil and started to draw. “What are you going to draw Ben?” “I’m going to draw myself but this time I will remember the arms. When he had finished he showed one of the staff and he was rewarded with a sticker. We decided to take it home so we could stick it up on the wall.

ben drawing

When we went back to pick him up tonight he showed me where the book bags were kept.

“I know” Said I “You showed me this morning”

“I know I did” he replied ” But I thought I’d show you again in case you forgot!”