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Louie Louie

After the sad demise of Woody we talked about getting another cat, the idea was mooted that we should get a young female cat that Tag could mother instead of Woody. Then the other day one of Sarah’s colleagues asked he if she would like her daughters cat as she was moving somewhere where pets weren’t allowed. So we said yes.

Then on Friday night Louie arrived.

Louie is very much like Diesel, except he is grey instead of white, sort of like antidiesel and he wasn’t very happy about being moved to a new home. He hissed and growled at everyone and even woofed at us! So musch for something for Tag to mother, to mother this ball of fur and razorblades she would need a step ladder and protective clothing!

And like when matter and antimatter meet, Diesel had gone missing the night before Louie arrived. When after 48 hours had passed with no sign of him we were starting to fear the worst. I’d even been looking around the streets in case he was lying somewhere. I hoped that if he didn’t come back he’d been taken in by someone nice and that nothing bad had happened to him. It was getting to the point where we were almost starting to think about making “Have you seen this Cat” posters when I heard a pathetic squeaking at the back door, I opened it and in he sauntered as if he had only been out for 5 minutes. I don’t think he understood why every one wanted to hug him.

Meanwhile back to Louie! I haven’t had a cat react this badly to a new home since Oliver who sat underneath a chair in the kitchen for 2 days without moving. He is slowly coming out of his shell and has even been known to purr when stroked but the big confrontations between the two males is probably still to come! Odd thing is that Tag and Diesel now seem to be best buddies whereas before he went AWOL they were often scrapping! United against the newcomer would seem to be the order of the day.

Watch this space!

Bye Bye Budgies, Budgies Bye Bye


Sadly we have had to let our three budgies go to a new home. George, Mildred and Flo had been under constant attack from one of the cats and after the cage got knocked off the top of the piano once again it was decided it was unfair on both budgies and cat.

All 3 cats have had a go at the budgies and in doing so fallen attached to the cage sending, seed, shit, feathers and budgies flying. Quite how the birds have survived each time is a mystery. Diesel and Woody both did it once and never did it again but Tag never seemed to learn no matter how many times she did it. Just before Christmas we had to buy a new cage and the old one finally smashed to pieces as it hit the floor.

We weighed up the pros and cons of the cat vs budgies and decided it was better to give the budgies away.  Ben and Lissi are both quite attached to Tag and if the temptation of the budgies has gone then we won’t need to have to lock her out the back when we go out. So Sarah put them on Freecycle and they’ve gone to live with a young lad who suffers from Asperges Syndrome who love animals.