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You know when you’ve been…..

So we have another new cat bringing the total to 4.  I’m told that this is it – definitely no more! I was looking at my e-mail one morning when I saw a message on Freecycle offering a “Ginger fluffball” . Now I’ve always wanted a ginger cat so I did the pathetic look at Sarah and she told me to e-mail for more details. So to cut a long story short, his owner couldn’t keep him because he kept picking up fleas from her neighbours cats and one of her children was reacting really badly to bites from the fleas.

So after a few e-mails passing backwards and forwards the cat was brought over on Sunday afternoon. he is very similar to Diesel and Louie in that he is a huge furry cat with a big fluffy tail. He’s bigger than the other two and didn’t react quite as badly to his new home as Louie did. he hid for a while and is still wary of the other cats but he is starting to settle in.

tango 1

tango 2

His name?


Bye Bye Budgies, Budgies Bye Bye


Sadly we have had to let our three budgies go to a new home. George, Mildred and Flo had been under constant attack from one of the cats and after the cage got knocked off the top of the piano once again it was decided it was unfair on both budgies and cat.

All 3 cats have had a go at the budgies and in doing so fallen attached to the cage sending, seed, shit, feathers and budgies flying. Quite how the birds have survived each time is a mystery. Diesel and Woody both did it once and never did it again but Tag never seemed to learn no matter how many times she did it. Just before Christmas we had to buy a new cage and the old one finally smashed to pieces as it hit the floor.

We weighed up the pros and cons of the cat vs budgies and decided it was better to give the budgies away.  Ben and Lissi are both quite attached to Tag and if the temptation of the budgies has gone then we won’t need to have to lock her out the back when we go out. So Sarah put them on Freecycle and they’ve gone to live with a young lad who suffers from Asperges Syndrome who love animals.

R.I.P. Woody

tag and woody 2

No sooner than I had blogged about the cats then the most awful thing happened – Woody was knocked down and killed right outside our front door yesterday morning in front of Sarah.

We were just leaving for work and Ben and I were already in the car and I saw Sarah come out of the house. I saw her turn and then she gestured to me. Woody had been sitting under the car and as she came out he stepped out and was hit by a taxi that was steaming down our road.

He was lying on the side of the road when I got there and when I picked him up I feared the worst. We dashed him to the vets but he was dead when we got there – poor little thing.

The taxi stopped briefly, presumably to see what he had hit but drove off without even coming back to see if Sarah was ok – heartless bastard! He could at least have got out and maybe apologised.

tag and woody

We are worried about Tag now in case she starts to pine for him. She seems a bit lost and has taken to sitting on the stairs which she has never done before. I must say that I will miss the double act that was Tag and Woody and feeding time will never be the same.