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Y Viva Espana

This year we’re off to sunny Spain….

Lissi has gone to Spain on a school trip to visit the Spanish school that came over here before Christmas and especially Luis who came to our house each night after school. As seems to be normal with these things the departure time was 6am from outside the school. This meant that we had to get up at 4:30am and be out of the door in an hour. Thankfully Ben didn’t wake up so we moved Bex into our bed so she could keep an eye on him!

Almost as soon as the coach pulled away Lissi started putting comments on Facebook – here are a few of them:

is on the coach going to Gatwick Airport!!

is bare tired so goin sleep now…Miss you brian ♥

Our flight is at 9 everybody so my last status will be as we taking off!!!

Just arrived at Gatwick!!!

is shopping at the airport!

Will be boarding soon!

IS boardin the plane!

is taking off at Gatwick! Adios Inglaterra! (9:45)

has arrived in Barajas!! Mum how do i do the code?*

is frikkin hot!

has nearly arrived at the hotel, is really hot yet there are patches of snow randomly on mountains and ground?!?!

will be at the hotel in 15 mins, got no batery on phone bye

is at the hotel

is walking around Tudela? Like wtf??

Is being dragged round deserted alley ways by spanish boys who clearly need a map!!! :@

is eating popcorn in bed, will be on here for about 30mins cos its nearly 11 in spain but really not tired. Talk 2 me!
And that was it – it turned out that they had been taken by some of the Spanish kids to a bar to eat but they didn’t know what there was so they decided to go to a Pizza place but they didn’t get there till 10 minutes before they were due back at the hotel so the whole group had nothing to eat. Sarah wasn’t best pleased – hope the organisation picks up today!

* She’d ran out of credit already and need a voucher code sending through!

The (Not so) Secret cake

It all started when I got home on Friday night and I found a message from Lissi on Facebook entitled “Read this when Mum isn’t near you”. It said:

I had this idea that sometime this sunday you could like do the food shopping in asda and take ben and mum with you, you’d have to take your time tho so that i can make mum a special tunis cake and decorate the edges with icing like i did before and i’ll find some sort of birthday decoration for her when i go shopping tomorrow, but you’ll have to go shopping on sunday tho or she’ll find the cake plus it will last longer if we do it on sunday 😀

Unfortunately Lissi being Lissi she couldn’t help her self and as time went on she became less and less subtle about the whole secret escapade. For example she came into the living room and announced Kevin can I have a word with you out here! Then just outside the door and within earshot of Sarah she said “I forgot to get a lemon can you get one when you go to the Co-op?”. Then on Sunday she also rang me when I was out buying prezzies for Sarah and asked me to get some eggs. However the piece de resistance was when she left the recipe for the cake on the dining room table and Sarah found it.

Anyway my instructions were to keep Sarah out of the way for 4 hours. FOUR HOURS! How long does she think it takes to do the shopping? And anyway on a Sunday the supermarkets close at 4pm and we didn’t leave till 2:30. So we did the shopping and then drove back to the house with it – Sarah had to stay in the car while I went in and put the shopping away. She made Bex take her a cup of tea out to her. We then went off to pick up a monitor from Sittingbourne (which I had bought on ebay and actually turned out to be broken) and on the way back we got a text asking us to stay out for another half and hour!

In the end we went back to the house and Sarah hid upstairs for a while but we had to stop Lissi as we needed to start dinner! She iced it in “secret” on the Dining room table after dinner! So was all the effort worth it in the end? Well you judge, what do you think?