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Louie Louie

After the sad demise of Woody we talked about getting another cat, the idea was mooted that we should get a young female cat that Tag could mother instead of Woody. Then the other day one of Sarah’s colleagues asked he if she would like her daughters cat as she was moving somewhere where pets weren’t allowed. So we said yes.

Then on Friday night Louie arrived.

Louie is very much like Diesel, except he is grey instead of white, sort of like antidiesel and he wasn’t very happy about being moved to a new home. He hissed and growled at everyone and even woofed at us! So musch for something for Tag to mother, to mother this ball of fur and razorblades she would need a step ladder and protective clothing!

And like when matter and antimatter meet, Diesel had gone missing the night before Louie arrived. When after 48 hours had passed with no sign of him we were starting to fear the worst. I’d even been looking around the streets in case he was lying somewhere. I hoped that if he didn’t come back he’d been taken in by someone nice and that nothing bad had happened to him. It was getting to the point where we were almost starting to think about making “Have you seen this Cat” posters when I heard a pathetic squeaking at the back door, I opened it and in he sauntered as if he had only been out for 5 minutes. I don’t think he understood why every one wanted to hug him.

Meanwhile back to Louie! I haven’t had a cat react this badly to a new home since Oliver who sat underneath a chair in the kitchen for 2 days without moving. He is slowly coming out of his shell and has even been known to purr when stroked but the big confrontations between the two males is probably still to come! Odd thing is that Tag and Diesel now seem to be best buddies whereas before he went AWOL they were often scrapping! United against the newcomer would seem to be the order of the day.

Watch this space!

R.I.P. Woody

tag and woody 2

No sooner than I had blogged about the cats then the most awful thing happened – Woody was knocked down and killed right outside our front door yesterday morning in front of Sarah.

We were just leaving for work and Ben and I were already in the car and I saw Sarah come out of the house. I saw her turn and then she gestured to me. Woody had been sitting under the car and as she came out he stepped out and was hit by a taxi that was steaming down our road.

He was lying on the side of the road when I got there and when I picked him up I feared the worst. We dashed him to the vets but he was dead when we got there – poor little thing.

The taxi stopped briefly, presumably to see what he had hit but drove off without even coming back to see if Sarah was ok – heartless bastard! He could at least have got out and maybe apologised.

tag and woody

We are worried about Tag now in case she starts to pine for him. She seems a bit lost and has taken to sitting on the stairs which she has never done before. I must say that I will miss the double act that was Tag and Woody and feeding time will never be the same.

The trouble with cats!

We’ve got 3 cats – one white one and two black ones. The white one we have had for a couple of years but the black ones are recent additions. All of them came from Freecycle!

Diesel -the white one is huge and fluffy and very laid back. He is all white except for a couple of markings on his head and this huge fluffy tail. The fluffiness can cause problems and we have had to bath him on a couple of occasions and shave fur off that has formed into dreadlocks on others.

Diesel Cat

His life was all peaceful until it was shattered by the arrival of two manic black shapes. He took an instant dislike to them and hissed at them especially the male one whenever they came anywhere near him. He just about tolerates them now except when they try to eat his food!

tag and woody

Tag and Woody came as a pair. Tag is Woody’s mum even though she is much smaller than him. They are very energetic and tend to travel in a pair weaving their way around each other as they run. Compared to Diesel they are very demanding and you usually know they are there. When you open the back door for example the pair of them will be waiting there and in before you know where you are. You then have to shout for Diesel and you usually see him running along the neighbours walls and over the roof of the shed.

Nothing illustrates the differences better than feeding time. Last night for example all three cats were in the living room. Any movement towards the door is usually interpreted by all three of them as a sign that you are going to feed them, as is the opening of any can in the kitchen.

Last night as soon as I picked up the fork Tag and Woody where there; wrapping themselves around my feet as I tried to make my way to the utility room to get a can of food. I went to put my foot down and it met some squashy resistance which turned out to be Tag! I returned with the food and headed into the bathroom to put it in their bowls. I had to pick up the bowls so I could get to them and meanwhile Tag and Woody jumped from floor to bath to sink to floor to bath to sink. I had to push Woody away twice before I managed to fill both bowls. I put one down and both of them nosedived into it! After putting the second bowl down I had to pick up one of them and move them to the other bowl. they ate like it was going out of fashion……

…..meanwhile Diesel had been sitting patiently outside the door. As I left he followed me to the utility room where his bowl is. he patiently sat and waited till I had finished putting the food in the bowl and then ate it. I closed the door so that Woody wouldn’t pile in and try and nick his food!